December 13, 2022

Tips to Defeat Porch Pirates From AG Jeff Landry

As this time of year is a busy one for packages to be delivered, Attorney General Jeff Landry is offering tips to help protect Louisiana families from porch pirates.

“Many of our neighbors are shopping online more this holiday season than before; this unfortunately means an increase in marks for package thieves,” said Attorney General Landry. “Do not let porch pirates steal your joy; please watch and share our Public Service Announcement and please read and share the tips below.”

Attorney General Landry offers Louisiana consumers the following tips to keep their neighborhoods safe from porch piracy:

  • Get your deliveries at more secure locations. Ship packages to work or use the "ship-to-store" option.
  • Sign up for delivery alerts so you may track the package and possibly arrange to be present for home deliveries.
  • Ask a trusted neighbor to get your packages if you are not able to be there when they arrive.
  • Require signatures for your deliveries.
  • Be a good neighbor. If you spot a package at your neighbors' doorstep, call them and ask if they would like you to hold onto it until they return home.

“If you have a package stolen, please report it to your local law enforcement through their non-emergency line,” added Attorney General Landry.

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