June 19, 2024

Bogalusa Rebirth Approved as Certified HUD Local Housing Counseling Agency

Bogalusa Rebirth today (June 19, 2024) announced their approval as a Certified HUD Local Housing Counseling Agency, the only Certified Housing Counseling Agency serving Washington Parish.

HUD requires that housing counselors participating in HUD programs be certified to offer counseling services to consumers. In order to become certified, housing counselors must pass a standardized written examination and work for a HUD-approved local housing counseling agency (LHCA).

Counselors must demonstrate competency in each of the following areas of housing counseling:

  1. financial management; 
  2. property maintenance; 
  3. responsibilities of home ownership and tenancy; 
  4. fair housing laws and requirements; 
  5. housing affordability; and 
  6. avoidance of, and responses to, rental and mortgage delinquency and avoidance of eviction and mortgage default.

Bogalusa Rebirth is committed to making affordable housing available to qualified individuals and families and is staffed with two HUD Certified Housing Counselors: Wendy Williams Dupont and Breanna Caves.

“We connect potential homebuyers to affordable safe and quality housing and offer financial management and financial literacy training to assist applicants to become mortgage ready”, said Wendy Williams Dupont, Bogalusa Rebirth Executive Director. “Becoming a HUD Approved Agency was a key goal in our 5 year strategic plan.”

We look forward to serving potential homebuyers in Bogalusa as a HUD Approved Local Housing Counseling Agency.

If you are interested in becoming a homeowner, please apply at BogalusaRebirth.com  Call our office to learn more (985) 735- SAVE.

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