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May 06, 2024

Bogalusa Council Finance Committee Meeting of May 2, 2024

A meeting of the Bogalusa Council Finance Committee was held on May 2, 2024. Attending were Council members Mark Irvine and Gloria Kates and Mayor Tyrin Truong, Comptroller Jerry Bailey, and Perry Smalls from the Administration. Also providing input were representatives from the Police and Fire departments, Judge David Merlin Duke and other Bogalusa residents.

Progress was made on the amended 2024 Budget. The meeting included reporting on negotiations but also saw its share of "bickering", bad language, disrespect, disagreements, and verbal attacks on the Council.  

The meeting was audio-recorded and a rough time breakdown of the meeting is shown here:

  • 00.03:00  Question to Jerry Bailey and his comments
  • 00:09:20  Re: Fund Balances
  • 00:11:20  Re: Police and Fire
  • 00:34:20  Public Transportation
  • 00:36:10  Back and forth on varied issues
  • 01:06:00  Judge Duke regarding City Court cuts 
  • 01:08:00  Fund balances, varied issues, and process summarization
AN ORDINANCE to introduce the City of Bogalusa Operating Budget and Capital Budget for the Fiscal Year beginning January 1, 2024 is on the Agenda for the May 7, 2024 meeting of the Bogalusa City Council. 

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