September 07, 2023

Bogalusa Police Report a Rash of Vehicle Burglaries

The Bogalusa Police Department posted an advisory yesterday (September 6, 2023) evening to “REMOVE VALUABLES & LOCK DOORS”. They report that, within the past 24 hours, the BPD  has been investigating a rash of vehicle burglaries throughout the city limits of Bogalusa. 

The Bogalusa Police Department wants to remind its citizens to be vigilant when it comes to securing your vehicles and to remove valuables from your vehicles, such as money, firearms and electronics. It is also extremely important not to leave items in plain sight within your vehicle. 

Being that the thieves typically walk throughout the neighborhoods and pull on vehicle doors until locating one that is unlocked, simply locking your doors can prevent you from having valuables stolen or your vehicle ransacked. 

Anyone with information regarding these burglaries are urged to contact The Bogalusa Police Department Criminal Investigation Division at 985-732-6238.

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