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August 28, 2023

Major Drug Bust in Angie - 6 Arrested

Source: Washington Parish Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Candice Carona Sledge 

On Thursday (August 23, 2023) last week, a significant drug bust took place at 31490 Harvey Jefferson Road in Angie, Louisiana. The operation was led by WPSO Drug Task Force Detectives and involved multiple law enforcement agencies, including the Louisiana State Police, Washington Parish Patrol Deputies, and Rayburn Correctional Center's K-9 unit. The operation resulted in the execution of a signed search.

The team of dedicated law enforcement personnel swiftly converged on the location to execute the narcotics search warrant. During the operation, Detectives encountered Lynn Brook Breedlove attempting to leave the premises. She was promptly detained, leading to the discovery of a small crack cocaine rock in her purse. Further investigation revealed that Lynn Brook Breedlove had outstanding felony warrants from the 22nd Judicial District Court and the Marion County MS Sheriff's Department.

Upon entering the residence, the law enforcement team encountered several individuals inside, including several males, a female, and three small children. The situation escalated as Christian Dillon and Hyread Mark, Jr. attempted to flee and were pursued by law enforcement officers. In the process, Hyread Mark, Jr. discarded a bag while fleeing. The suspects were eventually detained, and the entire residence was secured.

The initial entry into the residence revealed a substantial quantity of illegal narcotics in plain view on top of a chest-type freezer. This freezer was also the focal point of the activity during the attempted escape. The narcotics discovered included bags of a white powdery substance with blue specks, suspected to be crushed pressed Meth and Fentanyl pills, along with bags of suspected crack cocaine, a small bag of suspected marijuana, and a small bag of suspected powder cocaine. Also found were digital scales commonly associated with drug distribution and a box of sandwich bags used for packaging.

Additional searches of the suspects revealed more illicit substances. Danelus Holmes was found to have a small bag of suspected crack cocaine on his person. Hyread Mark, Jr. was discovered to be concealing a small bag of marijuana and a pill in his right sock. Yakeem Pigott, who was present during the execution of the search warrant, was identified as the registered leaseholder of the property.

All the seized narcotics were photographed and secured as evidence by WPSO Drug Task Force Detectives. Despite the presence of these illegal substances in close proximity to all subjects and children inside the residence, none of the individuals claimed knowledge of their presence. 

Among the arrested are Hyread Mark, Jr. (B/M DOB 08/26/1992), Christian Dillon (B/M DOB 07/09/1999), Timothy Graves (B/M DOB 11/06/1990), Yakeem Pigott (B/M DOB 07/29/1990), Danelus Holmes (B/M DPB 05/25/1991), and Lynn Breedlove (W/F DOB 05/25/1991).

“This operation stands as a testament to the dedication and collaboration of the Washington Parish Drug Task Force, Louisiana State, Washington Parish Patrol Deputies, and Rayburn Correctional Center's K-9 unit. The successful execution of this search warrant has taken a significant quantity of illegal narcotics off the streets, contributing to the safety and well-being of the community,” said Sheriff Randy “Country” Seal.

***All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law***

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