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March 14, 2017

Another Washington Parish Citizen Scammed

The Washington Parish Sheriff's Office described today another scam of a female parish resident. It all began with internet conversations with a new social media friend whom the female citizen had never met. The new “friend” sent pictures of himself and said he was in the military. The “friend” said he would like to come to Washington Parish to meet her for a possible romance. But he needed money for an airline ticket.
The victim was sent $3,000 in checks from the Teachers Credit Union in South Bend, Indiana. She was asked to cash the checks and to send a Money Gram to another female in Connecticut who would in turn send her “friend” the money. She did as requested and he then asked for more money.  
The victim became suspicious and learned the checks from the Teachers Credit Union were counterfeit and found her the internet contact information for her “friend” had been deleted. 
The victim has now lost the $3,000 she sent in a Money Gram and also must refund her bank for the $3,000 in counterfeit Teachers Credit Union checks she cashed there. 
“There is no end to the schemes that these crooks will devise to steal money from an honest citizen,” said Sheriff Randy Seal (in part). “They will come up with all types of stories to tug at a person’s heartstrings, whether it is romance, an ill child, being in jail in another state or a foreign country, or even being stuck at an airport.”

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