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February 25, 2017

Do We Want Our Kids Taught Evolution Theory Only?

Senator Beth Mizell Facebook Post
"The State of Louisiana has new Science Standards for K-12 education to be considered by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) on March 7th. These standards present evolution and Darwin's theory without any discussion of what most Christians believe as the basis for our world. 
Whether it's called "intelligent design" or creationism, the Federal government currently doesn't allow its teaching in public schools. A concept is to "teach the controversy" and allow both sides to be presented to the students for discussion and the students then arrive at their own conclusion. In this way students are educated from both points of view. 
If you are concerned about the fact that only one view is to be presented you may want to make your opinion known to BESE (bese.louisiana.gov) or attend the meeting on March 7th. I will give specifics on time and location when I know them."

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