December 07, 2023

WPSO Cracks Down on Underage Alcohol Sales

In a concerted effort to curb underage alcohol sales within Washington Parish, the Washington Parish
Sheriff's Office (WPSO) conducted a highly successful JUDE (Juvenile Underage Drinking Enforcement) operation on December 5th, 2023. This operation aimed to identify and deter businesses selling alcoholic beverages to minors, reinforcing the commitment of WPSO to ensuring the safety and well-being of our community's youth.

During the operation, a total of 23 businesses were targeted across Washington Parish. The results were both commendable and concerning. While 16 businesses demonstrated responsible alcohol sales practices by refusing to sell alcohol to minors, seven establishments were found to be in violation of the law.

The businesses that upheld the highest standards of responsible alcohol sales, and should be applauded for their commitment to the community, include:

  1. Shell of Franklinton
  2. Franklinton Market Max
  3. CVS in Bogalusa
  4. CVS in Franklinton
  5. Valero
  6. The Bridge Store
  7. The Dollar General in Pine
  8. The Dollar General in Franklinton
  9. Town Crier at 1513 Washington St.
  10. Amigos in Franklinton
  11. Don Juans
  12. Pine Cash
  13. Stop N Shop of Bogalusa
  14. Walgreens of Bogalusa
  15. Walmart

However, the following businesses were found to have sold alcoholic beverages to minors during the operation:

  1. Winn Dixie
  2. The Town Crier at 715 Washington St.
  3. Main's Market
  4. Jack Brown's
  5. Fair City Truck Stop
  6. Texaco in Bogalusa
  7. The Liberty Truck Stop

WPSO would like to remind all businesses in Washington Parish of their responsibility to prevent underage alcohol sales. Proper identification of individuals seeking to purchase alcohol is crucial in ensuring that our youth are not exposed to the dangers of alcohol consumption at a young age.

Sheriff Randy “Country” Seal expressed his gratitude to the businesses that upheld the law and encouraged those in violation to reevaluate their practices, stating, "The Washington Parish Sheriff's Office remains committed to protecting the safety and welfare of our community's youth. We commend the responsible businesses for their dedication to this important cause and urge those who inadvertently violated the law to take immediate corrective measures."

WPSO will continue its efforts to promote responsible alcohol sales and protect the future of Washington Parish's youth through rigorous enforcement and community awareness campaigns.

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