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November 18, 2023

Louisiana Statewide Election Results

With 3377 of 3929 precincts reporting as of press time, the following results are projected.

Secretary of State - Nancy Landry will be elected

  • Nancy Landry (REP) has received 68% of the votes cast
  • "Gwen" Collins-Greenup (DEM) has received 32% of the votes cast

Attorney General -  "Liz" Baker Murrill will be elected

  • "Liz" Baker Murrill (REP) has received 68% of the votes cast
  • Lindsey Cheek (DEM) has received 32% of the votes cast

Treasurer -  John Fleming will be elected

  • John Fleming (REP) has received 67% of the votes cast
  • Dustin Granger (DEM) has received 33% of the votes cast

CA No. 1 - PASSED (Provides relative to timing of gubernatorial action on a bill and related matters)  - 62 % voted YES and 38% voted No.

CA No. 2 – PASSED (Repeals certain funds in the state treasury) - 55 % voted YES and 45% voted No.

CA No. 3  - PASSED (Provides for an ad valorem tax exemption for certain first responders) - 53 % voted YES and 47% voted No.

CA No. 4  - FAILED (Provides relative to the use of monies in the Revenue Stabilization Trust Fund) - 44 % voted YES and 56% voted No.

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