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October 02, 2023

"catch phrases don't equal a real platform"

Lots of politicians use catch words like "economic development", "education", "conservative", and "progressive" in campaign rhetoric.  Catch phrases don't equal a real platform.  

Obviously economic development, done properly, could enhance the standard of living, increase the tax base, create good paying jobs and benefit everyone. The question is HOW do you achieve economic development???  Yes, businesses coming in is a part of economic development, but these businesses need a reason to move in, and we need the RIGHT businesses.  

Education is vital to the future of our Parish, but if we are simply educating our population to leave, it seems a little one-sided.  

If conservative means holding to traditions that work, then great, but if it's  used as an excuse for continuing to do something unproductive  or plain wrong just because "that's the way we've always done it", then it doesn't make sense.   

However, if progressive means moving forward with benefit into the future with promising or proven new innovations, technologies, or discoveries, then great; but if progressive means to destroy the American Dream and fall into Marxism and Socialism with the destruction of the middle and working class to create a huge peasant population with a handful in the ruling class at the top, then no thanks.  

It is important that we truly listen to those running for public office.  Catch phrases without content are empty words.  Catch phrases with the wrong message are dangerous.   Vital infrastructure is our greatest obstacle to real economic growth.  Just as we need a highly functioning education system, we need to ensure that our children have a viable and sustainable future here in Washington Parish.   We need to ensure our teachers, bus drivers, paras, lunch room workers, and maintenance personnel are paid and treated fairly so we can adequately promote education in the parish. We need elected officials that are fighting for us, not dividing, manipulating, and using us.  My opinion is that the last thing we need to do is put faith in lobbyists and lawyers to represent us.  

I'm asking you to look at my platform, qualifications, and record of public service and vote Perry Talley #51 for State Representative for District 75.  Thank you.

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