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June 07, 2023

Bogalusa Council Meeting of June 6, 2023

Following the opening prayer and Pledge of Allegiance, the Council began addressing the Agenda. At 14:00 into the video, the Mayor interrupted the meeting and he and his staff left. During the next few minutes, members of the audience left and others were ejected while law enforcement and Council President Kellis attempted to restore order. 

Once order was restored, the Council resumed with the business portion of the meeting.

The Council

  • approved a resolution establishing rules and procedures of the Bogalusa City Council and Committee meetings
  • introduced four ordinances (to be considered and voted on at the June 20, 2023 meeting): 1) an ordinance for engineering services in connection with a sidewalk project; 2) an ordinance regarding a contract for sand and gravel; 3) an ordinance to provide for operation of mobile ice-cream vending; 4) an ordinance to raise electrical permit fees from $30 to $40.
  • considered adoption of four ordinances, all of which failed. The ordinances were 1) an ordinance to appove the City of Bogalusa Beautification Commission; 2) an ordinance to approve the City of Bogalusa Operating and Capital Budgets for fiscal year beginning January 1, 2023; 3) an ordinance to enter into an agreement with Brennan's Vending for ATM services; 4) an ordinance regarding the operation of a food truck within the City of Bogalusa. 

During Public Participation (at approximately 23:20 minutes into the video), the Council heard from Stephen Genco, Bryan Genco, Gladys Lampton, Wendy Dupont, Joseph Darrell Smith, and Debbie McCloud.

Of particular note were the comments and questions from Wendy Dupont. She raised questions that included questions 1) regarding the performance of work by the Public Works Department on private property owned by the Mayor's family; 2) continuing work by and payments to Dartanian Sanders even though the Council previously tabled an ordinance approving a contract with him and even though he is under an investigation related to his firing by a brokerage firm; 3) public statements by the Mayor regarding the suit and settlement related to the former mayor's suit against the City. Council President Kellis and Councilman Irvin responded to Wendy Dupont's questions.

Following comments by members of the Council, the meeting adjourned. The next meeting will be on June 20, 2023.

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