September 22, 2022

Bogalusa Council Meeting of September 20, 2022

When attending a meeting of the Bogalusa City Council, one witnesses the Council conducting routine business. They  also consider approval of resolutions and ordinances, hear reports from the Mayor and her staff, and listen and respond to complaints and questions from the public. But often there is a little bit of controversy and a little bit of drama.

Early during Tuesday (September 20, 2022) evening's meeting, Mayor Wendy Perrette proclaimed September 17-23, 2022 as Constitution Week marking the 235th anniversary of the Constitution of the United States of America and presented the Proclamation to representatives of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

The Council then

  • introduced an ordinance to transfer a fire truck to Washington Parish Fire District 1. The Council will hold a public hearing and vote on the ordinance at the next meeting
  • held public hearings on and voted to approve three ordinances: 1) to rezone from residential to B Transitional property at 902 Virginia Avenue; 2) to authorize the mayor to accept the RFP regarding the native American Museum Building and enter into a contract with Milltown Athletic Club; 3) to authorize the mayor to accept RFP's regarding the mowing of tall grass and weeds and to enter into a contract with Micon Services, Inc. and Magic City Lawn Care, LLC
  • heard from the public during Public Participation (beginning at 49:10)
  • heard reports and remarks from Mayor Perrette

During Public Participation, 

  • Gladys Lampton described problems she has been experiencing at her home for fifteen months
  • Joel Miller announced that a forum/debate for mayoral candidates will be held on September 27, 2022. Miller also requested assistance with removing a tree at his residence. Mayor Perrette the tree issue and later (during Administrative Remarks) indicated that she would not participate in the forum/debate. The Mayor also indicated that mayoral candidate Teddy Drummond would not participate
  • Jay Schultz requested an update on actions regarding the proposed methadone clinic on Avenue B. Responses did not reveal anything specific but, in general, actions are being considered and a “cooling-off” period has been agreed on 
  • John Gallaspy commented on the earlier Proclamation to the DAR, described a dead tree problem at Ponemah Cemetery, and commented on the proposed methadone clinic issue
  • “Foots” Quinn commented on crime in Bogalusa and proposed that all drugs be legalized and sold through a controlled state facility
  • Jesse Mcquigg introduced himself and his mapping and analytics services

During Administrative Remarks (beginning at 1:05:45), Parks and Recreation Director Landon Tims reported on upcoming events and on plans to improve facilities. Mayor Perrette further commented on the proposed forum/debate

Following comments by Council members, the meeting adjourned.

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