February 08, 2022

Man Exhibits Bizarre Behavior Before & After Arrest

On Monday (February 7, 2022), Zack Nichols age 54 and a resident of Nolan Lane, was driving a sport utility vehicle with an expired Texas license plate when he was observed by a Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office patrol deputy. With the deputy in pursuit, Nichols refused to stop, proceeded to a residence on Mitch Road and drove his vehicle to the rear of the property. The deputy followed.

When Nichols exited his vehicle, he challenged the deputy’s presence because he was on private property, all the while yelling for someone to come to his aid. When the deputy approached him, Nichols physically resisted before he was handcuffed and placed in the rear seat of the deputy’s patrol vehicle.

Once he was secured in the vehicle, Nichols continue to yell and scream, then began to kick and head-butt the vehicle’s restraining cage. After being informed by the deputy that he would deploy OC spray if the head-butting did not cease, Nichols continued his bizarre, and possibly harmful, behavior. It was only after the deputy administered a short burst of OC spray that Nichols finally complied. Nichols was then decontaminated with cool water before he was transported to the Washington Parish Jail where he was booked on charges of resisting an officer physically and by flight, no driver’s license, no proof of registration, no proof of insurance, and improper equipment.

Records indicate Nichols has four previous stays in the Washington Parish Jail on charges of failure to appear in court (5 counts), motor vehicle offenses, and simple assault. 

“If there are lessons to be learned from this,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal, “they are go to court on your scheduled court date and comply with directives from a law enforcement officer. It’s as simple as that.”

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