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January 07, 2022

Washington Parish Animal Shelter Training Class

Washington Parish Animal Shelter Press Release

Never Again Training Class is the newest public outreach event being hosted at the Washington Parish Animal Shelter. These classes will be composed of a one-hour class every Thursday for a 6-week period. This is an amazing way to brush up a dogs training, stimulate a board dogs mind, and build a stronger relationship with your pet. Most animals are returned to the shelter because of minor behavior issues. The goal of this class is to lower the number of animals returned and to make the animals that have not yet been adopted have a better chance of finding a forever home. To graduate, dogs and owners must participate in person in at least 4 classes. With this new opportunity we are hopeful that we can limit the amount of shelter dogs returned to the shelter or owner surrenders.

Adopted dogs (from Bogalusa Animal Control or Washington Parish Animal Shelter) will get one free 6-week class. Public dogs that have not been adopted will be either $25 a week or a total price of $120 paid up front the first day of the 6-week session (this is over one free individual day’s payment). All classes will be recorded and used to benefit the owners and adopters.

The only thing owners must bring to the class is themselves, their pet and a collar and leash. Train treats and a bag will be provided. The Trainers would like to recommend a Martingale collar. Harnesses, prong collars, chains, and all other non-leash like items will not be allowed in the door. If dogs are aggressive or could be a risk to others' person or pets they will be expelled from the class and must seek individual training. If females’ animals are in heat, then the class will be moved until the next available six-week classes.

All animals must be 3 months or older with an updated Rabies Vaccine, at least one Dappv Vaccination, and an updated Bordetella Vaccine. Dogs must be on Heartworm and Flea and Tick Preventive. These must be proven upon entering the shelter. If you would like for your animal to be in the program but it does not meet these specifications, either a vet or the shelter may provide them, at cost. Dogs do not need to be spayed/neutered to enter the class, but a short video will be played that will show the risks of not altering your animal. No breeds will be excluded from the program.

The shelters are looking for volunteers to help with shelter pet during this first 6-week period. This will entail bringing the animals from the shelter to the training classes and participating in them. This will help the animals receive much need basic training and socialization.

Though children over the age of sixteen may bring their own pets to the class, we ask that parents refrain from bringing children under the age of thirteen to the class. While the classes should be laid back, we would prefer as little distraction as possible for the animals.

These classes will be taught at the shelter by a trainer, who has been accredited and certified. All weekly classes will begin at 5:00 p.m. Please have your animal walked and allowed to potty before class begins. 

After the six-week period, all dogs who has passed their final testing will graduate and receive a photo in their graduation cap and their certificate of completion.

This class is being funded for the first three months thanks to (IP) International Paper who has graciously donated to Doggone Express who is hosting the trainer and classes.

If you are interested in our new training class, please email to receive your application.

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