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November 12, 2021


Dornis Marks

July 28, 1937 - October 31, 2021

Dornis Marks better known as “Ms. Dee or Soul” was an incredible woman. Before I go any farther, she got the nickname Soul, because she called everybody “Soul,” a name of endearment. Now, let me get started. To have known Soul was to have known LOVE! Love is patient, love is kind. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres! And that was Soul, whether you knew her as mom, grandmother, aunt, sister, cousin, or a friend. She was beautiful inside and out. Her soul was pure, and her heart was made of gold.

Soul was fun, outgoing and had a TON of sass. She gave you the realest advice and never steered you wrong. Oh, but don’t think your business was kept between y’all cause the woman couldn’t hold water! She would always reply, “Soul, I didn’t think that was nothing to tell.” She was an open book. We'd often wonder how Soul knew everything that was going on and never left the house. Often times she would find out things before any of us knew - even with all of our technology.

Soul was always ready for a good time. It didn’t matter your age, she could chop- it up with the youngest to the oldest! She was thought to be the fun Auntie. She took some of her nieces out despite them being under-age. They learned quickly how to behave like adults and stay up all night… wink, wink. Her house was the happening spot no matter where she lived. She loved being around family and having a good ol’ funky time as she would say. As you approached Soul’s house you can bet you would hear Johnny Taylor blasting from the stereo among many of her favorite blues artists. Come on y’all, you remember them “last two dollars”! Going to Soul’s house, you were in for the time of your life every time you were there. For the kids that meant, running around playing all day and doing what you wanted. then at the end of the night convincing your parents to sleep over. Some were lucky to stay right next door at one point. As for the adults, it was music, food, love, lots of laughter and partying all night. It was never time to go home at Soul’s house. She would say come on over and stay a while. She enjoyed that.

Soul as mother and grandmother was loving, strong, and reliable. She spoiled her grandchildren rotten. They would often argue about who was granny's favorite. Scoo Love would argue anyone down ‘til he was blue in the face! I know y’all remember coming over and granny would give you that secret handshake. “wink, wink”. Or how about getting anything, you wanted and don’t let our parents have anything to say about it ‘cause they would get a word from her. “It ain’t gone hurt nothing, let ‘em have it” She loved her great grandchildren just as much. Though she may not have always pronounce the babies’ name correctly, she would always want to see them babies. Whether it was a visit from them or trying to figure out how the video chat worked. As for her grandchildren who lived afar, she would always ask if anyone seen them on the phone and we knew she was talking about facebook! Whenever one of the grandchildren called her, who she did not talk with in a while, the whole world would know because she would tell whoever she talks that week! There was a time when LaDonna did call her for about a month and she had us looking for her on facebook to tell her to call. And, when she finally talked LaDonna, I don’t think they had that problem anymore. I think she let her have it!!

Those who had Soul as a sister, daughter and friend were truly blessed. Soul was a great listener, honest, giving and most of all dependable. Soul was that someone who was non-judgmental (most of the time) and easygoing. That someone who you could always count on. She was always there when you needed to talk and added her opinion, lol. Though she was sweet as pie she could still get you together quick. She didn’t sugar coat a darn thing! 

When we would talk and I mention that I was tired, she would say, “Soul, why are you tired? You don’t a job?” … Or how Dornisha would dance and she would say, “Girl, now that’s just too much going on; but would still hype her up. When Budman rolling up on her and she did hear him. She would say “Boy I almost gotcha yo a**” whipping out her cane. She had no problem saying whatever came to her mind.

She and Manny would go tit-for-tat with each other, him knowing she would win every time. She loved to be extra sassy in front of her grandkids, she knew they would get a kick out of it. My Auntie Lawanda would always say, “Oh you are showing out ‘cause they are here.  Soul would just flash a big smile, wink her eye and too them lips.

You could often find soul chilling in her Beaumont home talking on the phone with Aunt Clasta about the “Haves and Haves Not.”   Most times she would watch movies on lifetime, 48 hours or Family Freud. I think one of the highlights of her day would be arguing and/or talking with Odell about what took place on the Soaps or a movie both have already watched.  Family, to my surprise, she learned how to get Youtube on her tv to watch some of Rev. Patterson’s old sermons. She still watched Gunsmoke in black and white. We would tease her by saying, “Soul, You know they make color tv now” and we would laugh so hard. It seemed as though Soul had aged backwards. Sitting there with a head full of grey hair but looking as young as ever. So full of life and just as much spunk! Soul lived her life to the fullest. She leaves such fond memories, so let’s cherish them and remember that she was and still is The G.O.A.T (The Greatest Of All Time)!

Dornis Marks left this world on October 31, 2021 at age 84. She was born to the late Rossie and Sophie Weary on July 28, 1937. She was married to the late L J Marks. Dornis had a career in the food industry. She worked in hospitals and restaurants. She was most proud of running her own restaurant for a short period of time.

To cherish loving memories, she leaves three daughters: Ruthelia (Andrew) Jones of Bassfield, MS; Vanessa Marks and Lawanda Brown, both of Beaumont, TX.; two brothers: Darrell Marks of Atlanta, GA. and Bruce (Cynthia) Harris of Prentiss, MS. Two siblings: Clasta Hatcher of Dolton, Illinois and Odell “Jacob” Weary of Varnado, Louisiana and host of grandchildren, nephews, nieces, cousins, and friends.

Dornis is preceded in death by four children: Sandra, Barry, Eddie Marks and Nicole Marks Nabors. Also, her siblings: Selena Holmes, Altese Holmes, Elnora Robinson, L J Weary, LW Weary, and Chance Weary.

A Funeral service will be held on Saturday, November 13, 2021 at 1:00PM at Crain and Sons Funeral Home in Bogalusa with Bishop William Wilson - Officiating. Interment will be held at the Robinson Cemetery in Angie, LA. 

Gabriel's Funeral Home and Crain and Sons Funeral Home are in charge of arrangements.

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