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November 13, 2021

Franklinton Mayor and Aldermen Meeting on November 9, 2021

The Franklinton Mayor and Board of Aldermen met Tuesday (November 9, 2021) evening and the highlight was recognition of Veterans. Click here to view that portion of the meeting

Resident Frankie Crosby was on the Agenda to speak concerning speed limits in residential areas. After  addressing issues of speeding on streets in residential areas, Crosby began to speak on another issue  (beginning at 18:20 into video of the meeting). Crosby was interrupted and advised that he could speak during Public Participation on the additional issues he wanted to speak about. During public participation, Crosby began with an attack on Alderman Heath Spears (beginning at 36:30). Alderman spears was prevented from responding until later and he did. (See video at 44:05 through 51:20 and also beginning at 54:10)

Other residents spoke during Public Participation on issues of concern. 

In other business, 

  • approval was given to get quotes for the emergency replacement of an air conditioning and heating unit at City Hall
  • the Mayor attempted to introduce an ordinance adjusting alderman pay for missing meetings (beginning at 21:10 into video of the meeting). The Aldermen did not approve the introduction (by a 2-3 vote) and the Mayor was critical of their decision. The vote was again raised by Alderman Sharp and harsh words were exchanged (See the video beginning at 58:35)
  • approval was given to advertise for a vacuum truck
  • the Mayor described plans for a playground (beginning at 23:16 into the video) and discussions followed. Funding for the playground was included in the budget in the amount of $300,000.00. Plans are for the Town to lease property for the playground from Charles Carson, the owner of Popeyes, and to seek a cooperative endeavor agreement with the Parish to perform the required landscaping of the property. The Mayor advised of plans for fencing, a splash pad, a basketball or soccer court, and more. Approval was given to consider and move forward with Phase 1, in the amount of $216,423.50. However, much needs to be done to bring the project to fruition
  • the second meetings of November and December were cancelled

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