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October 21, 2021

Bogalusa Council Approves Redistricting Resolution

The Bogalusa City Council met Tuesday (October 19, 2021) evening and addressed items on the posted Agenda. Two scheduled speakers, Robert Neilson (Audit) and Purvis Morrison (Resiliency Plan), did not appear, a Resolution was approved appointing Marshall “Buddy” Jenkins to provide redistricting information to the Council, and one ordinance was approved regarding an undeveloped alleyway in Redmond Heights. 

The redistricting resolution recognized that the Council would approve a redistricting plan and also recognized the expertise of Mr. Jenkins, who has performed the tasks in the past and owns the necessary software to accomplish the task. See the video beginning at 2:30 into meeting.

Public Participation began at 37:00 into the video of the meeting. Debbie McCloud with the NAACP and Chester Abram expressed concerns regarding employment and promotion practices. 

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