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August 04, 2021

Bogalusa City Schools Superintendent August 2nd Statement

As many of you may be aware, the Governor spoke today on the continuing rise in COVID 19, Delta
Variant, cases. As he addressed the state on the numbers and cases, he stated that all citizens will be mandated by the Governor’s proclamation to wear a mask until September 1, 2021. This mandate also includes children of school age, beginning age 5. We are recommending that ALL students attending school mask, including Pre-K, especially since they are not of the age to vaccinate. The governor also stated that there would not be a shut-down of any sort at this time as universal masking and vaccinating would be enough to flatten the curve. At this time, Bogalusa City Schools will open all campuses on August 5, 2021 as originally planned. All students and adults will mask while on the school campus and when riding buses.

Please make every effort to purchase a mask for your child for school, and practice wearing a mask at home with younger children. We know that this will be a huge undertaking for some, but we feel sure that it can be done for the safety of all. Masks will be worn in the buildings with 3-foot distancing practiced to the greatest extent possible.

Our schools will continue to practice handwashing, the use of hand sanitizer, and social distancing. Please encourage your children to take full advantage of all of these opportunities.

Thank you as always for allowing Bogalusa City Schools to have the opportunity to educate your child/children. We will continue to provide a safe environment in which your children can learn and our employees can teach.


Lisa Tanner, Superintendent


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