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June 09, 2021

The Latest Franklinton Mayor and Board of Aldermen Meeting

The Tuesday (June 8, 2021) meeting of the Franklinton Mayor and Board of Aldermen began by Mayor Route asking for prayers for the family of John Daniel, a lifelong resident of Franklinton and who served as an Alderman for 20 years (Click here for his obituary.) The meeting then proceeded with routine matters. The agenda was opened to add the hiring of a public works employee and a resolution accepting the returns of the March election results renewing a sales tax. Following a Public hearing on an ordinance to levy the sales tax approved by the voters in March, the ordinance was approved. In addition,

  • Public Works Supervisor Reginald McMasters provided his monthly report (beginning at 6:50 into video of the meeting). Water line issues were detailed and plans to upgrade the old lines (dating to the 1960's) in the “Medical District” are being made. The need for a new vacuum truck ($317,000) for sewage issues was discussed. In addition, the need to increase tap fees for new customers was discussed and will be on the Agenda for the next meeting.
  • Ellen Waskom provided a sales tax report (beginning at 29:40 into video of the meeting) that reflects an increase in taxes collected in May, 2021 of over $29,000 compared to May, 2020.
  • During Public Participation, one resident spoke on a drainage issue (beginning at 31:35 into video of the meeting).

During comments from the Aldermen and the Mayor, two issues received lengthy discussion.

  • The first (beginning at 31:20 into video of the meeting) was about the need for more information and the subject when someone is placed on the Agenda. Aldermen expressed the need to be prepared to provide answers and comments about what the person on the Agenda is speaking about.
  • The second (beginning at 51:30 into video of the meeting) concerned the air conditioning unit ($11,000 plus) replaced at the Police Department. Issues concerned bidding and how the order was approved. 

Mayor Route announced a COVID-19 Memorial event that will be at the Flagpole on June 14th at 7:00 PM. A Recognition Event  and book signing will be be on June 17th at 10:00 AM at the Municipal Building for Olympic Gold Medalist Alice Ruthie Bolton. Also on June 17th, a basketball camp will begin at Greater Hayes Creek Baptist Church near Warnerton.

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