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October 31, 2020

Washington Parish Animal Shelter – Update 1st Year

The Washington Parish Animal Shelter staff provided an update earlier this month on their first year of operation. Click here to go to and "Like" their Facebook page.

The shelter has taken in roughly 800 animals. A majority were spayed/neutered. Based on a normal litter size of 8 puppies, about 400 females x 8 puppies per litter x two litters a year = 6400 dogs that did not enter our parish.

The shelter has been fortunate enough to receive aid from the community, and local rescues. They expressed special thanks to Washington Humane Society and Magnolia Chapter, Doggoneexpress.com, Northshore Humane Society, greatergood.orgMississippi Animal ProjectWings of Rescue, and Animal Clinic of Bogalusa 

Not all the animals at WPAS have found loving homes. Although at this time the shelter does not euthanatize for population, animals that are too ill or have terminal illnesses may be euthanatized. Also, the shelter is a “no bite” shelter which means that the shelter will not take in an owned animal that has bitten or may bite and that all animals that have bitten or will bite will be euthanized. With that said, only 43 animals have been euthanatized at the shelter during the first year. 

In addition, the WPAS is not animal control. The shelter only intakes stray and owned animals. The shelter does not pick up animals, all animals must be brought in by the public, and they ask that you call for an appointment before showing up to surrender the pet.

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