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August 11, 2020

Seth Descant Announces Candidacy for Franklinton Board of Aldermen


I am excited to announce that I am running for the Franklinton Board of Aldermen. I’m starting my campaign by reaching out to you, my friends, neighbors, and community leaders, to ask for your endorsement, support, and volunteer effort.

Deciding to run for the board of aldermen was only made after great reflection. This community needs leadership that can generate results. You can expect to hear this phrase often in the coming weeks and months from my campaign: Let’s improve our quality of life. There are some basic facts about Franklinton that cannot be disputed:

1. We have a water crisis in this community. Clean drinking water is the most basic human need.

2. There are no public parks inside the town limits of Franklinton.

3. Traffic in our downtown area is dangerous and stifles business in that area.

4. Police departments around the country are at risk of losing funding, jeopardizing public safety.

Improving our quality of life starts with providing the basic standards for clean drinking water. Improving our quality of life is giving safe access to public recreation sites, whether through green spaces or fully developed parks. Improving our quality of life is making sure that businesses and customers are safe when shopping in town and encouraging visitors to come. Improving our quality of life is protecting the jobs of those that protect us day after day. Our quality of life is what makes this little town such an amazing place to live, work, and raise a family. This community is unique and must be preserved. It takes hard work and dedication and that is why I believe I am the right person at the right time for this position.

The first step to fixing our water crisis is to understand that it can be fixed and living with failing water is a choice. We must choose to fix this. You will always get what you will tolerate. Spending $1,000,000 to drill a new Bene Street water well WILL NOT FIX OUR WATER PROBLEM. Franklinton has three water wells and we currently do not use the Bene Street well, yet the water still fails to meet the state’s minimum quality standards. Franklinton is delivering a failing product and the residents are forced to accept it. Adding the new water well only dilutes the problem we are facing. Here is an example: If you add 1/3 cup of clear water to 2/3 cups of contaminated water, you get slightly less contaminated water – but all you did was dilute the water so it no longer LOOKS like a problem. The fact remains: The water is still contaminated. I have worked for a company that specializes in water separation/filtration solutions and have led many projects since 2007. I have repaired water separation/filtration equipment, pulled and processed countless water samples, calibrated and serviced highly reliable static, in-line & probe water analyzers, conducted on site training and troubleshooting sessions for water separation and filtration equipment, as well as managed field trials using proprietary water separation technologies and techniques for over a decade. I know how a successful water system should operate and I know the ins and outs of what it takes to fix a failing water system. This work has taken me all over the world, across multiple industries, and exposed me to countless water crisis scenarios that were all managed successfully. We all agree that we need to fix the failing water, but I am the only candidate in this race who has the professional experience to make sure it gets done right. Paying for sub-par and failing water is a choice – we must choose to fix it. Let’s improve our quality of life by providing clean, safe drinking water for everyone in Franklinton.

The heavy commercial traffic downtown is hazardous to anyone trying to conduct business in that area in addition to being a nuisance. It stifles business and isn’t how we should welcome visitors to our beautiful community. We need to work with the state, where appropriate, to implement solutions to lessen the burden on the roadways and increase public safety throughout the town. I will work with my fellow Aldermen and the Mayor to move forward with state officials to develop solutions that fit. Left unattended someone could be seriously injured and that is unacceptable. As Alderman, it is my responsibility to ensure residents and visitors conducting business or visiting our Courthouse are able to do so safely. In my line of work, the expression “You see it, you own it” is a way of life and the same applies for those in leadership positions. Let’s improve our quality of life by reducing the risk of injury from heavy commercial traffic in Franklinton.

Police departments and our brave military are being viciously attacked all over the country with growing concerns from different groups and organizations. I stand with our law enforcement officers and the level of service they provide. These men and women go above and beyond time and time again saving lives. This year alone there have been multiple instances where our law enforcement officers have exceeded their job requirements and rescued people from deadly situations. I promise that I will not vote to reduce or eliminate funding any of our law enforcement programs or training. We have a great team under good leadership and I will make sure we continue in a positive, forward direction. I encourage everyone to thank a law enforcement officer or anyone who has served in the military for their service. You don’t know what they sacrificed to preserve your quality of life. I completely support law enforcement and stand with the men and women in this community that make sure everyone is safe day and night.

I will see you over the next few months as I walk the neighborhoods asking for your vote. If I miss you, I will leave a door hanger. Please feel free to call, text, or contact me on Facebook if you want to sit down and talk about your concerns. I have conservative values, Christian beliefs, and blinding passion to see this town prosper. Please vote for Seth Descant (#90) Franklinton Alderman on Election Day, November 3, 2020.

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