February 06, 2017

WPSO Deputies Rescues Juvenile From Meth Lab

On February 5, Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a mobile home on Beau Drive near Franklinton, acting on a complaint that an illegal methamphetamine lab might be operating at that address. Deputies encountered Albert J. Weysham (50) at the front door and saw another man reaching down inside the cushions of a chair. Fearing the man might be reaching for a weapon, deputies entered the residence and detained Nicholas Whittington (37), a resident of another address on Beau Drive. Deputies also encountered Lauren E. Weysham (28), a resident of Attley Walters Road near Franklinton, sitting on a couch. Deputies saw, in plain sight, a piece of aluminum foil with a small amount of a white substance which appeared to be methamphetamine, a glass pipe containing burnt residue, and a black multi-colored smoking pipe also containing burnt residue. All three occupants admitted to using the methamphetamine which had been manufactured at the residence that day and were taken to jail.
Lauren Weysham informed the deputies that a one and a half year old child was in an adjacent bedroom and deputies removed the child from the residence due to strong fumes from an unknown source and the large amount of cigarette smoke in the residence. A representative of the Department of Children and Family Sevices removed the child to a temporary foster home.
Sheriff Randy Seal commented. “This situation makes me sick. I am disgusted to know that three adults would intentionally endanger the health of a young child by manufacturing and using methamphetamine while the child was present. There is absolutely no excuse for this type of irresponsible and reckless behavior. Kudos to our deputies for rescuing this young child from a potentially life-threatening situation and putting these three irresponsible persons in jail.”

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