October 06, 2018

Is Your Address Visible From the Roadway?

Franklinton Fire and Rescue posted on their Facebook page yesterday an observation that only about 70% of homes in our area actually have their address visible from the roadway. The observation was made while attempting to find an address for a medical call. It was noted that the situation makes finding a residence by Police, Fire, and EMS in a time of emergency complicated.

“We would like to ask everyone to look at your homes and mailboxes. See how visible the numbers are and ask yourself these questions: Can they be seen from the roadway? Can they be easily seen at night? Is it written too small on the mailbox? If they are written on with (a) marker, (are) stickers peeling off, broken letters or numbers on the outside wall . . . Minutes and sometimes seconds can make a huge difference while responding to some emergencies.”

The Franklinton Fire Department sells the little small green signs you can hang on your mailbox with reflective lettering for $20.00. Proceeds from these signs goes to the Franklinton Firemans Association. 

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