July 20, 2018

Washington Parish Voter Choices for the November 6th Election

Qualifying has ended and the unofficial slate of officials from which Washington Parish voters will pick is set. For the information in other jurisdictions, click here.


Mayor: Brian McCree (D), James "Mack" McGehee (D), Wendy O'Quinn-Perrette (No Party), "Tina" Ratliff (D), "Doug" Ritchie(D)

City Prosecutor: Davin Merlin Duke

Councilmen at Large (2 to be elected): Scott Richard Ard (R), Robin Day (R), Penny Douglas (D), and "Teddy" Drummond (I)
Councilman District A: Virginia Dunn (No Party), Gloria W. Kates (D), and Alexis Keys (D)
Councilman District B: Danielle Magee-Keys (D) and Tamira Moss Smith (D)
Councilman District C: Oneita H. Graham (D), Malcom D. Moses (D), Keosha Rawls (D), and Shelby C. Temples (R)
Councilman District D: Paul Barber (R), T. A. "Foots" Quinn (R), and "Kenny" Kellis (R)
Councilman District E: Mark Irvine (No Party) and John Richard McNabb (No Party)

Bogalusa School Board District 1: Paul D. Kates
Bogalusa School Board District 2: Eleanor W. Duke
Bogalusa School Board District 3: Justin P. Arnold, Sr. and Willie "Toni" Breaux
Bogalusa School Board District 4: Travis Houston and Adam Kemp
Bogalusa School Board District 5: "Curtis" Creel, "Tiye Yahu" Square-LeVias and "Kay Kay" Varnado
Bogalusa School Board District 6: Richard "Ricky" Killingsworth and Susan Catha Penton
Bogalusa School Board District 7: Dustin Mitchell and Brad Williams


Parish Council Member District 5: Thomas R. "Rusty" Fornea (R), Mike Garic (I), and Randy Thomas (R)

Parish School Board District 1: Daniel "Dan" Slocum
Parish School Board District 2: John E. Wyble
Parish School Board District 3: Bruce L. Brown, Sr.
Parish School Board District 4: Kendall McKenzie
Parish School Board District 5: Robert W. Boone
Parish School Board District 6: Dewitt Perry
Parish School Board District 7: Lee Alan McCain
Parish School Board District 8: Matthew Tate and Frankie Crosby
Parish School Board District 9: Lesley McKinley


Secretary of State: Kyle Ardoin (R) from Baton Rouge, Heather Cloud (R) from Turkey Creek, "Gwen" Collins-Greeup (D) from Clinton, A. G. Crowe (R) from Pearl River, "Rick" Edmonds (R) from Baton Rouge, Renee Fontenot Free (D) from Baton Rouge, Thomas J. Kennedy, III (R) from Metairie, Matthew Paul "Matt" Moreau (No Party) from Zachary, and Julie Stokes (R) from Metairie.

U. S. Representative 5th Congressional District: Ralph Abraham (R) from Archibald, Billy Burkette (I) from Pride, Jessee Carlton Fleenor (D) from Loranger, and Kyle Randol (Libertarian) from Monroe.

Associate Justice Supreme Court, 1st Supreme Court District: Richard Ducote (R) from Covington and Greg Guidry (R) from New Orleans

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    NOVEMBER 6, 2018

    318 East Boston Street, 2nd Floor, Covington, LA 70433
    (985) 898-2755 / (985) 898-2754 Fax

    Richard Ducote, a Republican Covington attorney licensed in Louisiana for 40 years, has been one of the nation’s leading child abuse/domestic violence litigators and law reformers for his entire career. After his 1978 law school graduation from Loyola in New Orleans, earned while serving as a juvenile probation officer in the Jefferson Parish Juvenile Court, he created a specialized program to train attorneys for abused and neglected children at the Tulane University School of Law. In the 1980’s, as an appointed special assistant district attorney in 19 parishes, he tried child abuse/ termination of parental rights cases in 40 courts. Through his efforts in the courtroom, social service agency offices, and the legislature, the Louisiana foster care system for the first time moved hundreds of forgotten children into adoptive homes. In 1984, he began fighting for the abused nationwide. In 1991, he drafted the Louisiana Post-Separation Family Violence Relief Act, the country’s first state law barring abusive parents from serving as custodians, and forcing them to pay all costs and attorney’s fees. This law has been copied in many states and foreign countries. He has written over a dozen other child welfare /child custody statutes passed in Louisiana and other states. In 2018, he co-authored sweeping amendments to Louisiana child custody laws (Act 412, 2018 Reg. Session) to provide more protection for abuse victims and their protecting parents. He has served as an invited trainer at many national and local programs for judges, attorneys, and psychologists. He has been honored by many professional organizations.In 2012, he received the Sol Gothard Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Organization of Forensic Social Work. Mr. Ducote was featured in the 2005 PBS Documentary Breaking the Silence: Children’s Stories, and in Small Justice: Little Justice in America’s Family Courts. Articles in Newsweek, Oprah Magazine, Parade Magazine, Money Magazine and many newspapers around the country have quoted him. New Orleans Magazine named him on of the top lawyers in the city. As a Martindale-Hubbell “A-V” attorney since his first rating in 1988, he is also admitted to the bars of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; the U.S. Supreme Court; the U.S. Third, Fourth, Fifth and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeals; and the U.S. District Court for the Eastern, Middle and Western Districts of Louisiana, the Northern and Eastern Districts of Texas, the Northern District of Ohio, the District of Colorado, and the Western District of Pennsylvania. In January, 2011, he received his LL.M., an advanced law degree, from Loyola Chicago School of Law. His successes include a 1992 victory in the U.S. Supreme Court on behalf of two sexually abused children. His work has taken him to courtrooms in forty-five states, and over more than 2 million miles. In August, 2014, he was invited by the U.S. Department of Justice and the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges to serve on a national roundtable of judges, lawyers, law professors, and mental health professionals to address the problems caused by the use of “custody evaluators” in domestic violence cases. In November, 2014, he was awarded the Judge Richard Ware Memorial Award by the Louisiana Children’s Trust Fund for his years of work in child abuse prevention. He is the proud father of two sons and two daughters, and grandfather of three.