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March 28, 2018

Sunday Morning Chase Lands Bogalusa Man in Jail

When a vehicle traveling at 70 mph on a 35 mph posted road near Franklinton High School after midnight on Sunday morning (March 25, 2018), Washington Parish Sheriff’s Officer Patrol Deputy Jay Dupre attempted to stop the vehicle but the driver failed to yield.
The driver ran a stop sign and fled at a high rate of speed until the driver, Harry Pharmasteen Scott (21) of Bogalusa, lost control, spun 180 degrees and landed in a  ditch. Scott attempted to flee but Deputy Dupre was able to subdue him. Lt. Terry Harris arrived and assisted in handcuffing Scott. While conducting a lawful search of the driver and his vehicle, the deputies discovered marijuana, ecstasy pills and digital scales which are used to weigh drugs. A .380 pistol was discovered where the driver either dropped or tossed it as he exited the vehicle.
Scott was placed in the rear seat of Deputy Dupre’s patrol vehicle, at which time Scott  manipulated the handcuffs from the rear to the front of his body and attempted to escape.   Lt. Harris and Sgt. Jimmy Seals, who had arrived at the scene, were able to prevent the driver’s attempted escape and secure him back in the vehicle.
Harry Pharmasteen Scott was charged with numerous traffic and drug charges. 

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