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April 23, 2024

Bogalusa Rotary Club Honors Sergeant John O’Hern as 2024 Deputy of the Year

The Bogalusa Rotary Club, renowned for its commitment to community service, once again
celebrated excellence in law enforcement at its annual luncheon. The event, a cornerstone of civic appreciation, took place today (April 23, 2024) with gratitude to all attendees for their continued support and participation.

At the heart of this year's ceremony stood Sergeant John O’Hern, recognized as the esteemed Washington Parish Deputy of the Year. His dedication and outstanding contributions to public safety and community well-being were celebrated amidst his family and a full audience of Bogalusa Rotarians.

Sergeant O’Hern's accomplishments exemplify the essence of law enforcement, reflecting a moral compass guided by a steadfast commitment to service over self. Among his notable achievements:

· Life Saving Award: Recognized for his courageous actions in rescuing two individuals from a severe vehicle accident, Sergeant O’Hern exemplifies valor and selflessness.

· Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician: Demonstrating a commitment to the safety of young passengers, Sergeant O’Hern's dedication extends beyond the call of duty.

· Mentorship and Leadership: Serving as a Field Training Officer, Sergeant O’Hern mentors and guides rookie deputies, instilling safe patrolling practices and fostering professional growth.

· Community Engagement: Active participation in Highway Safety Commission checkpoints contributes to safer roadways, while an impressive record of 38 solo arrests underscores his commitment to upholding law and order.

In addition to his professional achievements, Sergeant O’Hern is a devoted husband to Lacie O’Hern and proud father of two children, Mason and Zoe. Balancing the demands of law enforcement with family life, he exemplifies dedication and resilience, embodying the values of service and sacrifice.

Sergeant O’Hern, expressing gratitude and humility, shared his favorite quote from John Wayne, underscoring the importance of a moral code and integrity in the face of adversity. With the full armor of God and a pledge to uphold the values of honor and service, he reaffirmed his commitment to his fellow deputies and the community.

"It’s a testament of dedication to his fellow deputies," remarked Sheriff Randy “Country” Seal. "As Deputy of the Year, Sergeant O’Hern pledges to continue to serve, protect, and bring honor to the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office."

In honoring Sergeant John O’Hern, the Bogalusa Rotary Club celebrates not only an exemplary law enforcement officer but also a beacon of integrity and service in the community.

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