November 01, 2023

WPSO Achieves Full Compliance in NCIC Audit

The National Crime Information Center (NCIC) plays a pivotal role in supporting criminal justice agencies across the nation, aiding in the apprehension of fugitives, recovery of stolen property, and the location of missing persons, among other critical functions. The NCIC operates by providing and maintaining a comprehensive computerized filing system that contains accurate and timely documented information essential to the field of justice.

Law enforcement agencies utilizing the NCIC are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that their use of this valuable tool is not only accurate but also fully compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. This ensures that the most precise and up-to-date data is accessible, not only to the agency that inputs the information but to all other agencies relying on the NCIC system. Audits are conducted regularly to evaluate agency compliance and adherence to NCIC policies and procedures. Such compliance is not just a matter of protocol but a matter of public and officer safety. Agencies that adhere to these standards benefit from the assurance that their utilization of the NCIC remains accurate, contributing significantly to public safety.

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office (WPSO) is proud to announce the successful completion of an audit, confirming that the agency is in full compliance with NCIC standards. This accomplishment signifies a substantial achievement for the agency, as it underscores their commitment to providing the highest level of service to the parish, its residents, and its officers.

The audit history of the WPSO demonstrates that this marks the first instance in which the agency has achieved full compliance across all aspects of the audit. Sheriff Seal expressed his pride in the dedication and hard work of his team, acknowledging that their commitment to excellence has resulted in this significant milestone.

“We are thrilled to have attained full compliance in our recent NCIC audit,” Sheriff Seal stated. “This accomplishment is a testament to the diligence and dedication of our team, especially Senior Communications Deputy Ashley Boudreaux, at the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office. Our commitment to providing the best possible service to our community is solid, and this achievement reinforces that commitment.”

The Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office remains dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in law enforcement, ensuring the safety and well-being of the parish and its residents.

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