November 21, 2023

Sheriff Randy "Country" Seal Honors Heroes with Life Saving Awards

Sheriff Randy "Country" Seal of the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office (WPSO) had the privilege of
presenting the prestigious Life Saving Award to two courageous individuals, Sergeant Larry "Trey" Johnson and Officer Jonathan Leche, in recognition of their extraordinary acts of heroism. Sergeant John O'Hern, who played a pivotal role in the rescue, will be presented with his Life Saving Award at a later date due to his enrollment in a training program.

The heroic actions of WPSO Sergeant John O'Hern, FPD Officer Johnathan Leche, and FPD Sergeant Larry Johnson cannot be overstated. They saved the lives of two individuals who faced imminent danger in the most challenging circumstances. Their selflessness and courage are nothing short of inspiring, reminding us all of the true essence of public service.

On the evening of September 13, 2023, a heart-pounding incident unfolded near the intersection of Highway 10 and Highway 25. Sergeant O'Hern responded to a distressing call reporting an automobile accident with injuries. Arriving at the scene, he was met with a vehicle overturned and partially submerged in water, its occupants trapped inside. Without hesitation, Sergeant O'Hern initiated his rescue efforts, displaying dedication to public safety.

Realizing the severity of the situation and the inaccessibility of the victims from the front door, officers from the Franklinton Police Department, including Officer Johnathan Leche and Sergeant Larry Johnson, arrived to offer their assistance. Together, they faced the daunting task of freeing the occupants from the overturned vehicle.

The officers soon realized that the front door was not an option, compelling them to take drastic measures. Working seamlessly as a team, they managed to lift the vehicle just enough for Officer Leche to enter and successfully extract the two individuals from the back seat. With their remarkable teamwork, the victims were safely brought to shore.

During this intense and selfless rescue operation, Officer Leche sustained a laceration to his hand, requiring immediate medical attention and stitches. Despite his injury, his dedication to saving lives remained priority, exemplifying the commitment of our local law enforcement officers.

Sheriff Seal expresses his deep appreciation for the heroic actions of Sergeant Larry "Trey" Johnson and Officer Jonathan Leche. He recognizes the exceptional courage and dedication they demonstrated during the life-saving operation.

The Washington Parish community is grateful to have such dedicated and fearless individuals serving and protecting our citizens.

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