October 27, 2023

Sheriff Randy "Country" Seal Announces Partnership with Adapt, Inc. for Project WPSO

Sheriff Randy "Country" Seal is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking partnership between the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office (WPSO) and Adapt, Inc. to launch Project WPSO, short for "We Protect and Serve Others." This innovative program is set to empower 5th-grade students in Washington Parish by fostering positive relationships between local law enforcement and the community.

Project WPSO is a comprehensive five-lesson series that aims to provide students with valuable life skills and promote healthy relationships. Developed by Adapt, Inc., a recognized leader in evidence-based preventative programs, the curriculum draws on their expertise to create a meaningful and impactful experience for the participants.

Officer Rickey Warren, a dedicated member of the WPSO team, will be leading the program and delivering these essential lessons to the 5th-grade students of Washington Parish. Each lesson will focus on a specific aspect of personal development and community engagement:

1. Healthy Habits: Teaching students the importance of physical and mental well-being, encouraging them to make positive choices for their overall health.

2. Clear Communication Practices: Equipping students with effective communication skills to express themselves and understand others better, thus enhancing their ability to connect with their community.

3. Conflict Resolution: Providing strategies and techniques for resolving conflicts peacefully and promoting a harmonious environment within the community.

4. Decision-Making Strategies: Empowering students with critical thinking skills to make informed decisions that positively impact their lives and those around them.

5. Law Enforcement's Role: Educating students on how law enforcement plays a vital role in supporting and safeguarding the community in various situations.

The overall goal of Project WPSO is to foster better relationships between law enforcement and the citizens of Washington Parish. By instilling these essential life skills and promoting a deeper understanding of the role of law enforcement officers, the program seeks to create a more connected, resilient, and harmonious community.

Sheriff Randy "Country" Seal is excited about the positive impact this program will have on the community, saying, "Project WPSO is a testament to our commitment to serving and protecting our community. By partnering with Adapt, Inc., we're investing in the future of Washington Parish by empowering our youth with valuable skills and building bridges of trust and understanding between our law enforcement officers and the community we proudly serve."

Project WPSO is scheduled to commence this fall, and the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office is looking forward to the positive change it will bring to the community.

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