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August 03, 2023

WPSO and Humane Society Join Forces for Equine Rescue

Press Releases yesterday (August 2, 2023) from the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office and the Humane Society of Louisiana relate the rescue of a neglected horse and  introduced a newly-formed rescue group in Washington Parish. 

A Palomino stud horse was purchased by his owner in 2006 and since then has never been taken to a vet, had never been vaccinated, had never had his hooves trimmed or cleaned, and never had his teeth floated. More than 17 years without any basic maintenance or care!

The Humane Society of Louisiana expressed their thanks to newly-appointed Chief Deputy Brent Jones of the Washington Parish Sheriff's Office. Chief Jones reached out to The Humane Society and expressed their willingness to work together on animal cruelty issues in their parish. Their first joint case involves the neglect of the Palomino stud. 

The WPSO reports that WPSO deputies contacted the horse's owner and the owner “has wholeheartedly agreed to support this life-changing endeavor.” In addition, “a highly skilled and experienced equine veterinarian is scheduled to conduct a comprehensive examination of the horse on Thursday. This thorough evaluation will ensure the utmost care and well-being of the animal during the rescue process.”

Moreover, the Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office is elated to introduce and welcome a newly-formed and passionate equine rescue group, Charlotte's Dream Horse Ranch and Rescue, based in Franklinton. Led by the compassionate and dedicated founder and director, Charlotte Hendry, this group has selflessly stepped up to take on the responsibility of caring for the horse after he undergoes castration.

The rescue operation showcases the powerful impact that can be achieved when individuals and organizations unite with a common goal: to better the lives of animals in need. By joining forces, the equine owner, the WPSO, the Humane Society of Louisiana, and Charlotte's Dream Horse Ranch and Rescue exemplify the importance of compassion, responsibility, and proactive action in the equine community. 

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