August 10, 2023

Candidates Qualify for October 14, 2023 Election

Qualifying by candidates for elective offices in the October 14, 2023 primary ended today (August 10, 2023) at 4:30 PM. 

Statewide, the offices of Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, Treasurer, Commissioner of Agriculture and Forestry, and Commissioner of Insurance are on the ballot. To view the slate of candidates for statewide offices and for races in a Parish, go to and make your choices.

In Washington Parish, the offices and candidates qualifying for them are as follows

  • State Senator 12th Senatorial District - Brittany "Britt" Gondolfi, Gloria W. Kates, "Beth" Mizell
  • State Representative 7th Representative District - Kelvin May, Jacob "Perry" Talley, John Wyble
  • District Judge 22nd Judicial District Court, Division A - Alan Black, Lawrence "Larry" Frieman
  • District Judge 22nd Judicial District Court, Division B - Casey Allen, Tara Farris Zeller
  • Sheriff - Scott "Reddog" Crain, Kenneth L. Martin, Jr., Randy "Country" Seal, Jason Smith
  • Clerk of Court - John D. "Johnny" Crain, Jr.
  • Assessor - James A. "Jimbo" Stevenson, Jr.
  • Coroner - Rogelio "Roger" Casama
  • Parish President - David Anthony, Sarah Cook, Ryan Seal, Malinda Brumfield White
  • Parish Council Member District 1 - Joseph "Joe" Culpepper
  • Parish Council Member District 2 - Maurice J. McCraney, Shawn Rice
  • Parish Council Member District 3 - Kimberly "Kim" Wagner
  • Parish Council Member District 4 - Clark Harry, William "Bill" Lewis
  • Parish Council Member District 5 - Steven R. Branch
  • Parish Council Member District 6 - Candace Bickham, Dwayne "Worm" Magee, Reginald McMasters
  • Parish Council Member District 7 - Carley King
Thanks to all the candidates who have stepped up to serve. Congratulations to those qualifying without opposition. 

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