August 09, 2023

Bogalusa Fire Dept. Reports Largest Fire This Year

The Bogalusa Fire Department reports that BFD shift 3 was on scene Monday (August 7, 2023) night from approximately 11:30pm until 8:30am Tuesday morning fighting a fire inside the Dollar General on Sullivan Drive. Shift 3 began fire operations, worked all night, and was relieved by Shift 1 on scene. Shift 1 finished the operations and departed around 8:30am. 

Bogalusa Police Department was on scene as well and assisted as much as they could. Additionally representatives from the Louisiana Office of State Fire Marshal were on scene conducting their operations.

BFD reports that this was a particularly difficult fire to fight due to building design and manpower. It was extremely hot with temperature readings over 1,000F in some places. 

No injuries were reported, no equipment failed, no additional structures were damaged, and everyone involved worked well as a team to get the job done despite it fighting us every step of the way. 

“BFD stands always ready to serve the citizens and businesses of Bogalusa. We're going to sleep now.”

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