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March 20, 2023

Our Everlasting Tribute to Our Veterans/Heroes

Press Release from Our Veterans Memorial Park (OVMP)

Our Veterans Memorial Park committee recently met to discuss the current and future construction of the park. The Park site is a 3.8-acre tract of land in Washington Parish located at 54042 Dollar Road at Highway 10 in Franklinton, LA.

Funding for the project comes from community donations, NGO Funding, memorial bricks, tee shirt and cap sales, along with planned fundraiser events. You can order personalized bricks to pay tribute or honor a Veteran, loved one, organization, etc. We also offer different colors of T-shirts and caps for sale. You can order from our website by visiting or message any committee member. Purchases may also be made by visiting the offices of Senator Beth Mizell and Bill Arata. Please follow the progress and upcoming events of the park by liking and following our Facebook page

Throughout our history, we have honored veterans/war heroes in many ways: parades, books, photographs, artwork, special days memorials, and parks. For Washington Parish we believe a most enduring commemoration will be in veteran monuments in a locally placed park. It will stand the course of time by its exceptional durability, majestic appearance and its capacity to carry an everlasting tribute to our veterans. You can seize this chance and recognize the sacrifices of loved ones to honor the veterans, soldiers and war heroes by purchasing a commemorative brick or donating to Our Veterans Memorial Park.

We feel constructing this park is incredibly important. Our ancestors fought for the right to freedom and equality, their sacrifices helped pave the way for each of us. They will never be forgotten!

Progress! We now have the concrete poured. Follow our progress and look for our flags to be posted soon!

Pictured left to right are Justin Brown, Donna Simmons, Penny Jones, Carley King, Phillipp Bedwell, Joannie Miller. Committee members not shown are: Senator Beth Mizell, Lynnette Sharp, Tammy Pierce, Matt Parker.

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