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February 11, 2023

Coroner Reports 3 More Likely Overdose Deaths Since Last Sunday

Since St. Tammany Parish Coroner Dr. Charles Preston sounded the alarm about an uptick in overdose deaths last Sunday (click here to read it), three more people have died in the parish of what appear to be overdose deaths.

Last Sunday, Preston alerted the public that three men, all in their 30s and from different areas of the parish, had expired in a 24-hour period of suspected opioid overdoses. Since then, three more have died under similar circumstance – one on Monday in west St. Tammany, and two in the last 24 hours in Lacombe.

“Although toxicology reports will take some time, all three of these deaths are very likely due to opioid overdoses,” Preston said. “Our office and agencies around the country are finding the toxic opioid Fentanyl in many other street drugs.

“Eleven days into this month, we’ve already had six likely overdose deaths,” Preston said. “Substance abuse deaths now outnumber both natural and trauma deaths in the last 11 days. These are 100-percent preventable deaths.

“People with addictions and their loved ones would be advised to keep Narcan on-hand, as it can reverse the effects of many overdoses if administered quickly,” Preston said. “Those with addiction problems seeking help should call 988. As always, if it didn’t come from a pharmacy, you shouldn’t put it in your body.”

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