March 14, 2022

Washington Parish Woman Charged With Attempted Murder

Tiffany Spears, age 31 and a resident of Choctaw Road, was jailed by Washington Parish Sheriff's Office deputies on charges of attempted second degree murder and domestic abuse with aggravated assault. 

Deputies responded on last Thursday (March 10, 2022) to a report of the assault and learned that Spears had assaulted a former boyfriend with an ax handle and then intentionally ran over him with her vehicle. The victim was treated on the scene by Northshore ambulance personnel and then transported to a hospital due to the extent of his injuries.

“Unbridled emotions always lead to a negative outcome,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “Domestic violence is a serious problem nationwide and Louisiana law requires that Spears appear in front of a judge before bond can be set. I hope she realizes the seriousness of her reckless behavior and is prepared to accept the consequences. Now is an excellent time for her to chart a path to becoming a more responsible person.”

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