March 24, 2022

Slidell Police Report 80 Arrests in "Operation Clean Sweep"

Over the past three months, the Slidell Police Narcotics Division has made over eighty (80) arrests during a highly proactive operation deemed “Operation Clean Sweep”. The operation has been addressing known drug trafficking areas throughout the city with the primary objective of targeting drug dealers who are dealing heroin, methamphetamine, and fentanyl.

As a result, narcotics detectives were able to gather intelligence, identify, and apprehend numerous individuals who were involved in illegal drug activity in Slidell. The results currently are 80 total arrests, 12 “high-end” drug dealers, approximately 255 grams of methamphetamine recovered, approximately 100 grams of heroin recovered,  approximately 30 grams of fentanyl recovered, and 3 stolen firearms recovered. 

Identified by Slidell Police as dealers who have been arrested and charged with narcotics-related charges are • Kenyatta Meads, 46-years-old, Slidell, LA, • Dwayne Jones, 39-years-old, Picayune, MS, • Walter Fischer, 48-years-old, Slidell, LA, • Emily Mangipano, 30-years-old, Slidell, LA, • Renee Brockhaus, 49-years-old, Slidell, LA,  • Christopher Hall, 40-years-old, Slidell, LA, • Nicholas Mitchell, 37-years-old, Picayune, MS,  • Stephanie Fasulla, 32-years-old, Picayune, MS,  • Raymond Nealy, 42-years-old, Slidell, LA, • Daniel Adams, 32-years-old, Slidell, LA, • Bruce Wilson, 38-years-old, Slidell, LA, and • Terry Yarbrough, 28-years-old, Pearl River, LA.

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