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September 13, 2021

Letter to the Editor: FPD Chief Justin Brown's Efforts Deserve Recognition

We received the following from a person who was in a position to witness Franklinton Police Chief Justin Brown as he dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. The person wishes to remain anonymous.

“I personally watched this man (Justin Brown) go far above and way beyond to make sure that not only was the Franklinton Police Department taken care of but also the entire town and the surrounding community. He diligently posted on Facebook any and all help with hurricane-related issues. He went out and worked in the storm, in the heat and the chaos right along side the officers. He spent many nights in his office, making sure everything ran smooth and everyone was accounted for. He deserves some sort of recognition for his hard work and dedication. 

He never asked anyone to do anything that he wasn't willing to do himself. He cooked and cleaned and worked, never once complaining or fussing about the situation. When faced with chaos, he brought the calm. When the staff at RMC was having trouble getting gas to get to and from work, he made sure to have something set up for them to have access to it immediately. He took care of anything thrown his way. 

Justin has praised his staff for the work they did, for the exhausting long hours they worked, and staying at the police department to make sure everything got handled. They left their own homes and families and hunkered down for days on end to ensure our town's needs were met. 

This man sacrificed more than most know and did and continues to do everything he can to make certain people have what they need. Justin needs to know that his outstanding efforts have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated. I can't praise him enough for what I witnessed during this disaster.

This town is both lucky and blessed to have Chief Brown as a leader and example to the men and women that work along side him to keep our town safe and well taken care of”.

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