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May 17, 2021

Washington Parish Jail Inmate Arrested

On May 16, 2021Washington Parish Jail inmate Gerderius M. Nelson forcibly removed a metal bar from an inmate bunk and attempted to use the metal as a weapon against another inmate. During the incident, Nelson destroyed a jail issued mattress and attempted to sabotage a jail surveillance camera. Corrections deputies who viewed the incident on surveillance monitors removed Nelson from the housing unit and secured him in another area of the jail.

After a review of the incident which was captured on video, corrections deputies obtained a warrant for Nelson’s arrest on charges of two counts of criminal damage to property and tampering with surveillance equipment. Nelson, age 19 and a resident of Max Brumfield Road, faces these new charges in addition to the initial charges lodged against him on April 7 when he was arrested by the Franklinton Police Department. Charges stemming from the initial April arrest are two counts of vehicle burglary, aggravated battery, criminal damage to property and possession of contraband in a correctional facility.

“Video evidence doesn’t lie,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “With recorded video, it is what it is and what happened can’t be denied. I appreciate the constant hard work of our corrections deputies to maintain order in a jail full of disorderly folks.”

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