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July 31, 2020

UPDATE from BCSS Superintendent Tanners July 31, 2020

Last night (Thursday, July 30, 2020) the Bogalusa City School Board met and voted for our school
Calendar. The school Calendar that will be followed for BCSS will delay the start of school until after Labor Day.

School will begin on September 8th and we will go to school through June 11, 2021. We are required to provide quality education for 360 minutes a day, so we had to add days to the calendar even though we have omitted the WPFF (Washington Parish Fair) and Mardi Gras holidays.

The calendar will be posted on our website for you to look at. No other holidays have been changed. (Also, the calendar is shown below).

Virtual School applications are still being processed through next week. In last week’s letter the date was mistakenly printed, and it should have said through August 7. Please get your applications filled out on line if you are interested in Virtual School for your children. We will be setting up times for parents to come in, with their children, in small groups prior to the beginning of school, to teach each family how to log on, view lessons, and upload items.

In our calendar, we will have teachers returning the week of August 24. If you are a teacher, please watch for information from your Principals.

We continue to work diligently to prepare for the upcoming year, and we know that school will not be like it has ever been before. But, we will do our very best to provide quality education whether your child/family has chosen virtual or face-to-face options for learning. Thank you in advance for your patience as we move forward during this unprecedented time.

If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to call your child’s school or drop an email in the email hotline on our website. We will call you back or email you the answer to your question.

Thank you again, and hope to see you soon!
Lisa Tanner, Superintendent

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