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April 24, 2020

Washington Parish Council Continues Meetings - Online

The business of governing has not paused with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic; in fact, taking care
of the people's business has become even more crucial. Washington Parish President and other leaders have regularly communicated with the public via press releases, Facebook posts, and other means, such as the regular radio show hosted by Bogalusa Mayor Wendy Perrett on WBOX.

The Washington Parish Council has also continued governing, conducting online meetings via Zoom. On April 13, 2020 the Council first held a Public Hearing and then took up an agenda that consisted of the following:
  • an update on COVID-19 by the Washington Parish Homeland Security Director Bobbie Joe Breland (beginning at 4:10 into video of the meeting)
  • adopting an ordinance to abandon a portion of the Western part of Branch Drive
  • postponing a resolution approving the holding of an election in Fire District No. 8 until the matter is considered by the Finance Committee
  • postponing a resolution titled Second Amendment Dedicated Parish 
  • adopting a resolution approving the issuance of Limited Tax Bonds (not exceeding $1,100,000.00) of Washington Parish Hospital Services District No. 1 (beginning 25:50 into video of the meeting). The funds will only be drawn if and when needed in the amount needed. 
  • hearing a report from Washington Parish President Richard N. Thomas, Jr. and his staff. (beginning 36:15 into video of the meeting). The report included actions taken on staffing, office hours and services available to the public, completion of audit reports, and a report on on-going public works. President Thomas also praised the employees of Washington Parish Government and the citizens during this difficult time.

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