July 08, 2019

Councilwoman Kates on District A Summer Cleanup

“I, Councilwoman Kates, would  like to share that our District A 2019 Summer Clean Day on Sat, June 29, 2019 was a success. A Special thank you to our  participates:  Bonnie Bell Virginian Bonner, Larry Brown, Min Greg Jackson, Thomas Kates,  Regina Powell, Patrick Rhodes, Walter Levi, Min. Benjamin Lewis, Susan Williams, Stephanie Yarbrough, and Little Bailey,  the Washington Parish community Service team Ms. Hillary and Mr. McMillan.
This year there was a concentration in District A on  areas and property  blighted by wild growth of trees and bushes, growth on sidewalks, clogged drainage culverts, and trash in around  Redmond Street,  Dauphine Street, Poplas Street, North Border Drive, North and South Bankston, Church street. Austin Street, Sabine, Huron, Michigan, 2nd Ave, Louisiana,  Redmond heights/Oak Hill), 2nd Ave and sections of 3rd St, sections of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, sections of N. Columbia Road, Austin Street, sections of Bayer Street, just to name a few of areas visited.  Residents adopted a block  and some were from out of town and in town which adopted their own property to clean up.  Also we returned shopping carts to the perspective store in the Huron area.

A Special thanks again to Washington Parish President Thomas, AmWaste Management services, and especially property owner San Ball for allowing the District A Clean up day crew to assist in the much need removal of weeds and wile growth from her home.  We were small in number, but an attempt was made to keep Bogalusa beautiful. And to note request has been made via Pubic work orders, texts, emails, and phone calls to Public Works and other resources expressing that we are in need of assistance our ditches and creeks to be cleaned in District A  in which a snake and rat epidemic is on the arise.”

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