July 03, 2019

Bogalusa Council Hears Audit Report

At the Bogalusa Council meeting Tuesday evening (July 2, 2019), CPA Robert A. Neilson provided brief comments regarding his recently completed audit of the finances of the City. Neilson informed the Council his opinion is an unmodified opinion (the best that can be given). Neilson  advised that for the year ending December 31, 2018, the City had an excess of revenue over expense of $572,482 and an ending general fund balance of $655,357. Neilson offered the opinion that the City is going in the right direction to solve problems of the past.

During the public participation segment of the meeting, resident Fate Farrell questioned when the fiscal administrator would come to a public meeting. Mayor Perrette answered that the fiscal administrator is not expected to attend council meetings or to answer questions of the general public. (A report is scheduled in September, 2019 to be provided to District Judge William J. Knight. Judge Knight had asked that the report include 1) the current financial status of the City, the priorities identified by the fiscal administrator, and a long-range plan to address the problems). Councilman Kenny Kellis responded to a statement by Farrell that the fiscal administrator had taken over the City by saying that he is not “here to take over the city”.

In other business,
  • the Council heard reports from the Police, Fire, and Public Works Departments,
  • an ordinance was introduced providing for sanctions to compel attendance by council members at council meetings,
  • the public was reminded of the 4th of July parade and festivities in Bogalusa and the Magic City Rebirth festival,
  • Councilwoman reported on efforts to address homeless and opiod-abuse problems,
  • Councilwoman Kates reported on a cleanup in her district.

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