June 12, 2019

Sheriff Seal: Street Racers Will be Arrested

Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office deputies will be patrolling this weekend and throughout coming months for street racers in Washington Parish. Numerous complaints have been received about drag racing on Highway 438 near Angie, in the Blackjack community and at various other locations in the parish.

Surveillance will be increased and may include hidden cameras, drones, and perhaps even helicopters from other law enforcement agencies. Persons participating in drag racing in Washington Parish will be arrested. Spectators also will be identified and arrested.

“Street drag racing is a dangerous activity,” stated Sheriff Randy Seal. “We cannot tolerate such reckless behavior in Washington Parish. Sooner or later, either a racer or an innocent motorist is going to be seriously injured or killed. We simply cannot allow this to happen. If you are a drag racer or a spectator on a public road and we catch you, count on being arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

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