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June 12, 2019

Recent Washington Parish Drug Arrests

Washington Parish Sheriff’s Office Drug Task Force detectives continue to work undercover throughout the parish making arrests for the possession or sale of illegal narcotics. Techniques utilized by the detectives include patrol, surveillance and following up on tips from concerned citizens.
Recent arrests include:
  • Frankie Lee Crosby, Jr. (29), a resident of Parker Street in Franklinton, on March 28th for two counts of distribution of illegal drugs. 
  • Derick Gatlin (60), a resident of 13th Avenue in Franklinton, on April 2nd for two counts of distribution of illegal drugs. 
  • Larry O’Neal Cotton (52), a resident of Delta Lane in Franklinton, on April 2nd for two counts of distribution of illegal drugs and contempt of court. 
  • Andra Tate (37), a resident of 20th Avenue in Franklinton, on April 4th for two counts of distribution of illegal drugs, three counts of possession of illegal drugs, one count of possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs, and being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. 
  • Tori Breanne Corkern Gonsoulin (28), a resident of Highway 60 near Bogalusa, on April 6th for charges of cruelty to juveniles and distribution of illegal drugs. 
  • Nicholes Gonsoulin (31), a resident of Lee Road near Franklinton, on April 11th for conspiracy to distribute illegal narcotics. 
  • Jermaine Anders (29), a resident of Annie David Road in Franklinton, on May 20th for aggravated assault with a firearm, intimidating a witness, possession with intent to distribute illegal drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and failure to appear in court. 
  • Chad Everret Carden (47), a resident of South Choctaw Road, on June 10th for distribution of illegal drugs, possession of marijuana, two counts of false imprisonment, domestic abuse, aggravated flight from officers, criminal damage to property, failure to appear in court, and five traffic offenses. 

Sheriff Randy Seal commented. “These arrests are fine examples of the work being done by our drug task force detectives. Many times, while the rest of us are at home sleeping, they are working to identify and arrest those persons who violate our drug laws. I commend them for their hard work and diligence in getting drug dealers out of our community. As you can tell from the description of the persons arrested, some of these folks appear to be career criminals who have never learned how to live as honest, hard-working citizens. As long as they continue to ply their trade, our narcotics officers will continue to pursue and arrest them. That is our job and we will continue to do it while I am your Sheriff.”

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