March 25, 2019

FPD Press Release: Ballfield Parking in Franklinton

"With the start of Little League Baseball, the Franklinton Police Department would like to remind everyone of parking areas in and around the ball fields.

The red areas outlined on the map are “No Parking” any vehicle parked in these areas will be issued a citation.
There are 3 areas which are open to public parking that are outlined in blue and labeled PARKING.

Crain’s Funeral Home has given permission to park in their open lot next to the funeral home Parking in this area is at your own risk and all trash must be picked up. Parking is not authorized in the cement lot of Crain Funeral Home.

It is illegal to partially park in the street and vehicles will be cited for obstructing a roadway (under Louisiana Revised Statute 32:143 and possibly towed if the owner cannot be located.

Homeowners and residents in the area of the ball field, who have a vehicle parked illegally on their property, may have the vehicle removed at the vehicle owner’s expense by contacting a tow company.

Beginning on Thursday, March 28th, Officer’s will begin issuing citations to anyone who is parked illegally. We encourage everyone to use the designated parking areas to avoid traffic issues which have plagued this area in the past."

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