February 12, 2019

Washington Parish Council Holds Productive Meeting

The Washington Parish Council met Monday evening (February 11, 2019) and approved six resolutions, heard from the public, and received reports from Parish President Richard Thomas and his staff.

The Council approved a resolution to request the state legislature allow the Planning Commission to cancel meetings, rather than hold meetings, when there are no items on the agenda. The Council also approved resolutions to appoint members to the Tourism Commission (see separate article and video), Gas Utility District No. 1, Bogue Lusa Waterworks, Varnado Waterworks, and Washington Parish Fire Protection District No. 9.

During Public Participation,
  • Bogalusa resident Fate Farrell appealed to the Council for assistance in cleaning up areas in Bogalusa and received a great deal of feedback from Council members and the Parish President. (beginning 7:40 into video of the meeting). 
  • Bogalusa resident and City Councilman Mark Irvin addressed the Council on the issue of litter and disposing of tires. (beginning 20:40 into video of the meeting).
  • Rebeccah Stafford inquired about the opening of the parish animal shelter. (beginning 26:30 into video of the meeting). Public Works Director Wheat responded later into the meeting, beginning 39:30 into video of the meeting.
Parish President and his staff presented reports (beginning 28:20) that included information about the litter problem, a report on a recent tornado affecting the parish, and a report by Transportation Manager Donnell Merritt of work performed by parish work crews.

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