November 07, 2018

Amendments on Tuesday's Ballot: What the Results Mean

CA No. 1: The amendment passed and will constitutionally prohibit convicted non-pardoned felons
from seeking or holding public office until five years after completion of sentence.

CA No. 2: The amendment passed and will require unanimous jury decisions for verdicts in non-capital felony cases for offenses committed after 2018. 

CA No. 3: The amendment passed and will allow donations of the use of public equipment and personnel from one political subdivision to another under the Constitution. 

CA No. 4: The amendment passed and will remove the authority to use money in the Transportation Trust Fund by state police for traffic control purposes.

CA No. 5: The amendment passed and will extend eligibility for certain special property tax treatments to property held in trust.
CA No. 6: The amendment passed and will require a four-year phase-in of tax liability for homes subject to the homestead exemption when a reappraisal increases assessments by more than 50% 

Fantasy Sports Contests Ballot Item: The measure passed in Washington Parish, as well as in St. Tammany and Tangipahoa parishes, and will permit online fantasy sports betting contests. However, it would not necessarily happen immediately. Such contests would continue to be illegal until state laws and regulations are adopted. These laws and regulations would include how the fantasy sports contests would be taxed. Gambling winnings already count as income for personal income tax purposes, but it is possible if not likely that additional taxes and fees could be created.  Regulation would fall to the Louisiana Gaming Control Board, which is already responsible, along with State Police, for other similar activities such as video poker and casinos.
For more detailed information on what the changes mean, click here

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