September 18, 2018

Slidell: Man Arrested for Damaging Pelican Sculpture

Slidell Police have arrested Steven Mortrud (33) of Slidell and he is accused of  intentionally knocking a painted pelican sculpture off its pedestal, causing significant damage to it. The victim (Professional Image on Front Street) posted a video of the incident on Facebook, which went viral and helped with the identification of the suspect.

The painted three-dimensional pelicans are a unique piece of artwork, which are displayed all across the City of Slidell, mostly in front of businesses. The next day, for unknown reasons, Mortrud reportedly returned to the scene of the crime to examine the damage, and then proceeded to kick the head of the pelican down the sidewalk, all of which was caught on surveillance video.

Monday (September 17, 2018), Mortrud turned himself in to Slidell Police and was booked with Simple Criminal Damage over $500.

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