September 18, 2018

First Meeting Held by Schools Systems Consolidation Commission

The first meeting of the Bogalusa City Schools/Washington Parish Schools systems Consolidation Commission  was held in Bogalusa Monday (September 17, 2018) and was primarily an organizational meeting. Commission members were introduced, officers were elected, and the audience was provided information about the process. The audience was also invited to submit questions that will be answered at the next meeting to be held on October 22, 2018 at 5:30 pm in the Franklinton Elementary Auditorium.

The commission was established by Act 413 (click here to read), sponsored by Louisiana State Senator Beth Mizell (District 12) and Louisiana State Representative Malinda Brumfield-White (District 75) and signed by the Governor on May 23, 2018. The purpose of the commission is to study the feasibility of consolidating the Bogalusa City and Washington Parish school systems, achieving one unified school district. The commission is tasked to submit a written report of its findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the Bogalusa City School Board and the Washington Parish School Board not later than August 31, 2019. If the commission determines that consolidating the two school systems is in the best interest of the students, each school board will pass a resolution calling for an election to gain voter approval of the consolidation.

The commission consists of 24 members, serving without pay or per-diem. They are Darrell Fairburn, Lisa Tanner, Matthew Tate, Curtis Creel, Richard Thomas, Wendy Perrette, Donna Graham, Kurt Wamsley, Coylean Schlogel, Autainia Self, John Wyble, Shannon Dyson, Amanda Boyd, Jennifer Adams, Amanda Dillon, April Dugan, Steve Knight,  Michael Oree, Scott Breland, Malinda White, Scott Simon, Beth Mizell, Deloris Walker,  and Lacy Burris.

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