September 01, 2018

Fight Between TPSO Jailer and Offender Investigated

Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff Daniel Edwards reports that an investigation into a fight between a jailer and an offender at the Tangipahoa Parish Jail on August 20, 2018 was recently completed by the TPSO. Both the jailer, Charles Grimes III (34) of Ponchatoula, and the offender, Christopher Brewer (30) of Kentwood, were interviewed. It was determined that Brewer invited Grimes to a one-on-one fight and Grimes accepted.

Brewer reportedly told detectives he told Grimes, “why can’t we f@$# off somewhere, fight, and really fight where nobody can press charges or write us up?” Brewer  described Grimes as a “good dude” and said, “I shouldn’t have provoked him”. He later says the two apologized to each other and it was over.

During Grimes’ interview he reportedly acknowledged he acted unprofessionally and shouldn’t have allowed Brewer to provoke him to the point where he would accept an invitation to fight.

As a result of Grimes’ poor decision, he is no longer employed with TPSO. Neither individual was injured in the brief encounter and both refused to file any criminal charges. The investigative material will be forwarded to the District Attorney.

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